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Parent and Member Expectations/ Requirements KDA Sapphires Cheer Team Team Coaches: Katie Pugh & Heather Mears Karen’s Dance Academy 2015-2016 The Sapphires Cheer Team is competitive in nature.  This team is composed of members by invitation only.  To remain in good standing with the team, the following requirements and expectations must be met by all members.  The failure to meet any of these requirements/ expectations, could result in dismissal from the team.  The parent(s) of the individual members should be willing to fulfill/ execute all of the expectations/ requirements without hesitation.  The joint effort of the coaches, parents and members is vital to team success.  It is the discretion of the team coaches to make any and all decisions regarding the team expectations and requirements.  
Team Purpose: This program is designed to challenge all of its members to strive for excellence.  We want to instill in our members the value of commitment, hard work and team work.  We believe it is important for all members of the team to become well rounded individuals.  We are passionate about promoting and providing opportunities for all members in a positive environment.  It is our goal to foster the development of self-esteem, confidence, respect for themselves and others, responsibility, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

2016 Cheersport Champions