Meet the KDette Danceline!

Currently divided into three sub-teams, depending on age and skill levels!


Meet the Red Team


Meet the Pink Team


Meet the Blue Team


The award winning K.D.Ette Danceline from Karen’s Dance Academy is a specialized performance and competition dance team. This is an audition only team for the more serious dancer. The performers who make the cut must be able to endure a tiring rehearsal, show, and competition schedule. Each dancer must sign a contract and their parents complete a parental consent form before they can audition for the team. Once on the team Christmas production begins, followed by a quick turnaround into the competition portion of the year. Dancers must be able to learn new material quickly and sharpen technical skills needed to withstand the competition scoring and workshop held in either Chicago or St. Louis. Dancers must be at least 6 years of age to audition. Those interested in auditioning need to get an audition form from the front desk.

Auditions will be at the studio Sunday, August 25th at 2:00PM.